The Cell Block Theatre

The Cell Block Theatre

The Cell Block Theatre at the National Art School is a visually remarkable building and a significant feature of Australia’s colonial and cultural heritage. It provides a unique setting for filming, theatre and performances as well as a variety of events from product launches and corporate occasions to private parties, weddings and special ceremonies.

It was the women’s wing of the Old Darlinghurst Gaol from 1841 to 1920 and since then has been a part of the National Art School. The impression of the old cells still lingers with traces of the curved stone staircases climbing 3 stories high, narrow barred windows, and rough sandstone edges that mark the cells and the solid iron doorway.

The stone walls and wooden floors keep the simplicity of the space focused on the history that has been; making the Cell Block Theatre a unique yet flexible venue for many types of events and activities.

The surrounding courtyards offset the history of the Cell Block Theatre and make a great outdoor entertainment space to supplement the indoor area.


Room Cocktail Theatre Seated
Cell Block Theatre 290 230 160


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