Carriageworks Bay 22-24

Carriageworks - Everleigh

The now heritage listed Carriageworks, was once part of the Eveleigh Rail Yards which was built on the site from 1880 through to 1889. The ideally situated buildings still standing today are considered one of the best examples of railway workshop complexes. Housed within a treasure trove of Australian major rail network history, where thousands of Sydneysiders once worked during the thriving industrial era of the 19th century.

In 2002 the historic Carriage and Blacksmith Workshops at the Eveleigh Rail Yard site were purchased by the NSW Ministry for the Arts. Soon after the purchase the site underwent a construction project with the vision of creating the Carriageworks. A place where creativity could be explored, developed and presented with the site being ideal for an artistic hub.

Now over 10 years since its repurpose, the Carriageworks site has become one of the leading and most important multi-arts centres of its kind in Australia.

Bays 22-24

Bays 22 – 24 are spacious, raw industrial warehouse spaces featuring exposed brick walls, heritage columns, soaring high ceilings and stunning natural light. The dynamic event space is over 5,000m squared and is ideally suited for large scale events such as conferences, trade shows, gala dinners or even filming. Housed within the historical Carriageworks building this new space comes with its very own bathroom facilities and includes a private entryway.



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