Oxford Art Factory

Oxford Art Factory

One of the more contemporary venues that Forte cater for, the Oxford Arts Centre is perfect for those looking for a trendy modern setting. The venue was developed with a mind to recreate the look and feel of 1960’s New York, taking heavy inspiration from artist Andy Warhol’s studio known as The Factory. The venue typically showcases both local and international performers and is considered a centre for artistic innovation in Sydney.

Wishing to create a dynamic and authentic experience the designers of the Oxford Art Factory have endeavored to create the perfect setting for modern entertainment. The result is truly impressive and the venue has become one of Sydney’s most popular locations. Perfect for stand up events, where guests can mingle amongst intricate contemporary design; The Oxford Art Factory is perfect for those looking for something different.

The team at Forte Catering specialise in adapting our services to fit the event. When it comes to The Art Factory, this adaptability has proven essential in providing services that fit the tone of the venue. Forte will consult with you as to the best menu and theming choices for this unique space, ensuring an event to remember.



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Art After Dark Bar 200
Live Art Space 400



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