Barangaroo Reserve

Barangaroo Reserve

The spectacular Barangaroo Reserve is Sydney’s newest and most exciting venue, perfect for your next occasion and right on the shores of the harbour. Spanning over 22 hectares there is an endless list of exquisite spaces and beautiful locations to choose from. With the help of Forte Catering & Events you could hold your next event at this iconic venue which is sure to amaze your guests with its stunning views and inspirational design.

The Cutaway

On the eastern edge of Barangaroo points lies an incredible and sophisticated underground space called The Cutaway that would be ideal for your next major event. Covering 6,500 square metres this venue can accommodate up to 5,000 people and is an exciting option for large scale events. The raw and industrial backdrop is the perfect setting for any event and gives way to a number of different theming options

Stargazer Lawn

Living up to its name, the Stargazer Lawn is a spectacular site that will enhance any event with its natural beauty. With room for up to 3,000 of your nearest and dearest this expansive elevated lawn has jaw-dropping views of the harbour and can be flexible to suit any event. Framed with native trees, this is a beauty during the day as well as under the stars at night.

Nawi Cove

This unique event space is ideal for classic and sophisticated gatherings right on the water’s edge. With the ability to be combined with neighbouring terraces and the amphitheatre, there is the potential to accommodate up to 2,500 people. Alternatively with the help of Forte Catering & Events this space can be transformed into an intimate setting for your next private event. Treat your guests to an event at Nawi Cove with the sounds of water lapping the pier and the perfume of the natural surroundings it is sure to be unforgettable.

Nawi Lawn

Alongside the incredible Nawi Cove, this triangular grassed area looks out to the south west view of the Harbour. Similar to other lawns near the water this space is ideal for wedding ceremonies and smaller intimate events.

Nawi Terrace

This paved courtyard offers a new and exciting space for your next event, perfect for small and intimate gathering or exhibitions and performances. Providing an alternative to the abundant grassed spaces Nawi Terrace is speckled with native trees and sandstone block seating.

Bridge Lawn

Looking for an incredible setting for your special day? The Bridge Lawn is ideally suited for wedding ceremonies and is just the place you want to be when declaring your love. The lawn provides natural seating in the form of sandstone blocks and is paired with the north facing views of Sydney Harbour which are absolutely breathtaking.

Dukes Pier

This natural wood pier is a beautiful location for your next event. Whether you are looking for a quiet space for your wedding ceremony or an elegant backdrop to a cocktail party, Dukes Pier is an ideal choice. Though suitable for smaller intimate gatherings, this space can be combined with Nawi Cove for additional options.

Harbour Lawn

This smaller lawn provides a beautiful setting for wedding ceremonies and day time events all with a western view of the gorgeous Sydney Harbour. The seating at Harbour Lawn is comprised of naturally formed sandstone blocks which can be inspirational when thinking about theming and design.

Sea Wall Lawn

This is the largest lawn on the rocky foreshore and a great choice for an intimate yet spacious outdoor event. Looking to the west, Sydney Harbour is right at your fingertips and the Sea Wall Lawn is a venue you could spend hours just admiring. Forte Catering & Events would love to be involved in your next event at this iconic location.

Walumil Lawns

The Walumil Lawns consists of four large grassy expanses that can be secured individually or collectively to accommodate up to 7,000 people. With beautiful views of Sydney Harbour and endless possibilities this is a fantastic option for major events with Forte.

Waranara Room

This indoor space is a perfect way to experience the natural beauty of the outdoors and the practicality of the location. The room paired with the paved courtyard is an incredible sight not to mention the view out to Nawi Cove and Sydney Harbour. Waranara Room can accommodate up to 250 pax for a cocktail style event and is a fantastic choice for your next event.



Room Seated
The Cutaway 5,000
Stargazer Lawn 3,000
Nawi Cove 2,500
Nawi Terrace  
Bridge Lawn  
Dukes Pier  
Harbour Lawn  
Sea Wall Lawn  
Walumil Lawns 7,000
Waranara Room 250


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