Event Catering

Choosing the perfect menu for your event is a crucial part of planning any event catering. Working with Forte Catering & Events guarantees you an inspirational process in which you will work with some of the industry’s leading pioneers in food creation and styling. The team at Forte love holding menu tastings to ensure that you are as passionate as they are about every item on your menu. This opportunity also provides you with a chance to make adjustments on not only the food but the service equipment and styling of the food itself.

Forte also have great insight into the latest and greatest trends in beverage selection and can provide you with a number of intriguing and unique ideas to set apart your event. Matching cocktails and your wine list to the incredible tastes on the menu is just one of the specialties at which Forte excels and can make a major different to your guests’ experience.

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Major Event Catering

Planning a small event involves a lot of time and effort, so when it comes to planning a major event the task can often seem insurmountable. This is where the team at Forte Catering & Events can come to the rescues and put all your worries at bay. With a large array of experience in logistics and operations, Forte can be an invaluable member of your planning team and will stop at nothing to ensure your major event is a hit.

From the initial drawing board to being there for the bump out, Forte Catering & Events guarantee their presence and assistance at every turn to ensure you and your guests have a great time. With a history of working on enormous Major Events across Sydney there is no challenge too big for the Forte Team. Forte has the extraordinary ability to maintain their exquisitely highly level of fine food for a large number of guests ensuring quality, quantity and speed of service.

School Formals

School Formals

School formals are an exciting milestone and one of the most anticipated events of your school year. Understanding the importance of this big night for you and your grade, Forte Catering & Events would love to be a part of this memorable occasion. Holding a number of formals each year in their own venue Nilla Reception Lounge, Forte knows the ins and outs of a perfect formal for both year 10 and year 12 students.

Not only will Forte work closely with your elected organisers to create the ideal menu that will be loved by everyone, but they will also take on any theme of your choosing. If you are having trouble deciding on a classic and timeless theme, Forte Catering & Events have a wealth of experience working some of the most prestigious events in Sydney and will make your school Formal one to remember. Providing show-stopping decorations, intricate centrepieces and funky entertainment Forte can provide your school with the whole Formal catering package to ensure your night is the best it can be!

Private Parties

Private Party Catering

When your dinner party of 10 suddenly become a garden party for 50 there is a number of new tasks that need to be considered. The team at Forte Catering & Events are experts when it comes to private party catering and are your one stop destination for everything you could ever need. Whether it be innovative menu items, fun and unique cocktails or spectacular entertainment, Forte can create the party of your dreams all in your very own home.

From the moment Forte enters your home or venue until to the minute they leave they will enact every part of your event with the precision and professionalism that is required. With the ability to set up portable kitchens, marquees and bars there is no limit to the possibilities Forte can create for your next private party. With a team of staff who will work to your every need you can feel completely comfortable in the lead up to your event and spend your party enjoying yourself without a worry.

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Event Management & Themeing

Event Management and Theming

If you are looking for more than just a catering company for your next event, you can look no further than Forte Catering & Events. Making it their passion to create unique and outstanding events, the team at Forte place an enormous amount of importance on the whole of event management. As a company that can provide you with the whole package, Forte is a fantastic option for your next event no matter the occasion.

The ability to divide their attention equally to every facet of your event is a skill that is highly regarded by Forte’s clients. Starting from initial planning and venue selection to the finer details of service equipment and staff uniforms, Forte can highlight each and every part of your event with true style. Choosing a theme and displaying it at every turn can be a difficult task, however Forte Catering & Events have a number of ways to make evident your theme while maintaining a high level of sophistication.

Sydney Function Venues

Sydney Function Venues

Sydney is an incredible city with a number of beautiful venues that could be the perfect spot for your next big event. There are a number of things that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the ideal venue for your birthday, anniversary or the event you have in mind. With extensive experience working with some of the most spectacular venues in Sydney and surrounding areas, the team at Forte have the expertise to assist in this important decision.

Forte knows it is imperative to find the right venue early in the planning process and will attend site visits with you until you feel excited about your choice. Function venues are everywhere in Sydney so let Forte help you choose the perfect one for your next event!

For more information or to see the wonderful Function Venues in Sydney that we have partnered with, please browse our informative Venue page.

World Class catering for any event

No matter what the event, rest assured that Forte will handle all catering requirements with professionalism and a strong aptitude. From important milestones to celebratory occasions Forte have your next event covered with ease. With a love of new and exciting food options and a dedication to ongoing development, Forte interacts with the latest industry methods and recipes available to bring you culinary perfection. The team at Forte brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to every event, guaranteeing exceptional cuisine and exquisite service.

The Forte team are passionate about creating incredible events for every occasion, whether it is big or small, they have an enormous amount of respect for each and every event. Led by Ross Mitchell, Director of Sales and Operations, the team works tirelessly with a high level of expertise to design and produce some of Sydney’s most notable events. Forte understand the subtlety and the loudness that is required to perfectly theme events and are always looking for new challenges when it comes to creating a fantastic atmosphere. Through the use of a unique menu, beverage innovations, period furniture and stylistic decorations any theme you have in mind can be a reality.

Sydney’s leading culinary experts

With a vast amount of experience to draw from, Forte will guide you through the process of selecting the ideal menu, and hosting the perfect event. The collaboration of professional catering staff and the expert service team at NOSH Hospitality Personnel will make your next event one to be remembered. Choosing the right staff can make or break an event and at Forte Catering & Events, the team has a limitless source of staffing solutions to flawlessly match to your event and theming.

Forte has had the opportunity to work in some of Sydney’s most beautiful venues and can provide you with a number of recommendations for your next event. In such a spectacular city, there is no limit to the number of possibilities you can create with Forte’s assistance. Whether you are looking to hold your school formal, 21st birthday, anniversary or more, Forte believes that there is a perfect venue for everyone. The team at Forte would be honoured to be a part of your next event and can assist with any and every part of your exciting occasion.

Event entertainment is another important part of your special event and Forte have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to choosing the right entertainment for the atmosphere. With contacts in the event industry there are no barriers to finding the perfect fit for your guests, whether it be a DJ, band, MC, acrobats, or more, the right entertainment can make your event one to remember!

Meet Ross

Meet Ross : Our Director of Sales and Operations

Ross Mitchell has been a pioneer in the hospitality industry in Sydney for over 25 years.

As the Director of Operations & Sales, Ross remains “hands on” ensuring the vision and service ethos is enacted in every event. Over the past 25 years Ross has been involved in one way or another with some of the largest, high profile events and venues in Sydney including the Sydney Olympics, the APEC Summit World Leaders Dinner, the FIFA World Congress Dinner, consecutive Sydney Festival VIP Events and the 18th Biennale of Sydney. Ross drives a culture within the business of striving to be “the employer, caterer & venue of choice” with emphasis on maintaining clear, open and transparent communication with our important partners, venues, clients and team.

Ross adopted a service of excellence during his early days working for Gardener Merchant as a Function Supervisor. He then honed his skills and explored his passion for the catering industry with some of Sydney’s leading corporations. Ross established an uncompromising philosophy that continues to inspire him today and ensures the success of every aspect of the company.

“I just wanted to send you a heartfelt thanks and gratitude for a wonderful event. The food was FABULOUS!!”

“Everything was so gosh darn delicious and as I suspected the truffle risotto and fish were an absolute hit! The lamb was absolutely delicious as well. The food was PERFECT! All the guests were full and there was so much food left over!

The servers were so fantastic as well - extremely professional, courteous and considerate. Antonio and Peter were so great.

Thank you so much for making Andrew's birthday such a memorable event for us. We will never forget it. Everything was just perfect. Everyone was asking the name of the catering company we used, so I am sure you will be receiving some calls sometime in the near future. :)

Again, my heartfelt thanks!!”

Patty Kam | Private Client

Gallery of Events

Looking for inspiration for an upcoming event? Check out some of the incredible images from our recent functions and events, please do not hesitate to contact us to assist in the planning and execution of your next special occasion.

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