Wired for Wonder 2015

Wired for Wonder is an expeirence designed to open doors of understanding in the areas of business, technology, life, science and the arts. Forte Catering & Events is thrilled to be catering such a thought provoking event. Supported by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia as part of its initiative to nurture creativity, innovation, and development throughout the Australian community. The hundreds of guests and organizers were yesterday welcomed by Forte’s tasty arrival platter, morning tea, buffet lunch afternoon tea and wrapped up the day with a cocktail party.
At Wired for Wonder, we explore polar opposites.
We bring together seemingly unrelated concepts.
We create cognitive disinhibition.
We provoke thought.
We encourage convergent and divergent thinking.
This year we will explore in and out.
We will move beyond the boundaries.
Explore within.
Inside and out.
Intrinsic and extrinsic.
Inner and outer.
Inside our minds, outside our worlds.
Inside ourselves, outside the lines.
Take a look inside, are things what they appeared on the outside?
Take a look outside, what discoveries are impacting you.
Come and discover.
We will again bring together storytellers, dreamers, doers, artists, musicians, technologists, writers, scientists – to learn, to grow, to connect dots in different ways.
We will explore the concept of in and out across technology, life, business, science and awe.
Come wonder with us.

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